Email from Rwanda

June 19, 2006

Here is an email from Charlotte, written at the end of her first year in Africa, shortly before I came out to visit her.

"Hi all,

The end of term is upon us! My students start their
exams today, poor things, and I start my holiday. I
have been teaching and marking and filling in reports
up to now, but today I start nearly three months of
holiday. VSO is a hard life!

Today I will be going down to Kayonza where we are
meeting before spending the weekend on safari in
Rwanda's only safari park, Akagera. It's a final fling
for a lot of VSOs, inc. Ed, my nearest volunteer. They
have promised to replace him for next September. I
want to get involved in the training for new
volunteers, esp. those who will be teaching in French
as there was no support for me. I probably will spend
September training volunteers, improving the resources
centre at the programme office and being trained
myself (I've asked for more French lessons, among
other things). Cat and Rich are coming out next Thurs.
and we're meeting Azzi and James in Kigali on Sat. I
really can't wait! Richard's staying for a week, and
Azzi and James for two. During that time we will
probably travel round Rwanda, Lake Kivu and maybe
Akagera or Nyungwe. Then Cat, who's coming for 5
weeks, and I will prob. travel round Tanzania. I fancy
going to the Ngorongoro Crater (which Leonora calls
one of the 7 wonders of the world) and Zanzibar, but
we'll see where we end up!

I can't believe that I am halfway through the teaching
time. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and
I'll really miss my sixth form. Funny to think that
I'll be home in just over a year. Better start
thinking about cvs and things soon!

Hope that you're all doing well. The weather is
probably better in the UK than here as it is winter
for us here, tho' v. dry and dusty.

Keep in touch




One Response to “Email from Rwanda”

  1. Aimable Mpayimana Says:

    I am writing from Rwanda as a former Charlotte’s student.your article brings back in mind her wisdom and courage;how can I leave a comment of my experience with her?
    Aimable Mpayimana.

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