Additional photographs

July 27, 2006

Charlotte at Kigali Airportcharlotterichard.jpgcharlottewithclassontrip.jpgcharlottewithcolleagues.jpgportrait2.jpg

Charlotte and RichardCharlotte portrait

Thanks to my brother Richard for this wonderful collection of photographs.  They show Charlotte with Richard and also with her colleagues and students in Rwanda



June 21, 2006

I have found a few pictures that I wanted to share.


This photo was taken in the Summer of 1999 shortly before Charlotte left to go to Rwanda. It was taken by a journalist for the local newspaper who was writing a piece about her work for VSO.


This picture is of Charlotte, Richard and myself by Lake Kivu in Rwanda in the Summer of 2000.

This picture was taken on Christmas morning (hence the fact that everyone is in their pyjamas!) in 1997.