I would love to hear from anyone who knew Charlotte at any point in her life.

Email me your stories and memories to remembercharlotte@gmail.com

Please note – I may well post all or part of your email on this blog so everyone can share your memories of Charlotte.

It can be a couple of lines, or an essay. If you have photographs that you would like to share, please email them to me also. I look forward to hearing from you.


5 Responses to “Send me your stories”

  1. Arthur Luscombe Says:

    Dear Catherine Wilson, Richard Wilson and Mrs Wilson.

    I was looking for a way to get in touch and found Charlottes Website !!

    My name is Arthur Luscombe I was in Rwanda with VSO 1999-2002 and spent 2000 xmas on the lake, sorry without a camera , yes Charlotte and Richard were very much head over heals in love and spent a very enjoyable xmas together at lake Kibuye ( the big lake)

    this is something I should have done in 2002 but took the easy option and decided it was not the rite time to get in touch! That you would not understand, I did not give you the chance to say yes or no, and then forgot about it I am very sorry.

    Richard thank you for writing your book Titanic Express, I am glad you are you able to think of Charlotte with less anger, of the people in Burundi who killed her, after writing the book,
    time is a good healer.
    It has now given me a chance to get a skeleton out of my cupboard.
    In 2002 after coming back from Rwanda I went and visited my sister Jean who is a spiritual healer and had a long talk about being in Rwanda, later in the day I had spiritual healing, I don’t quite remember how it happened Jean decided she wanted to do a drawing and drew a picture of Charlotte and Richard with a message that things were ok. (Meaning that life in the spirit world continues)

    If you’re interested you can look at it on the yahoo photos or I can email you the picture and if you want to have it I will be passing through London on 22 July Saturday morning we can arrange to meet somewhere if you are still in the UK.
    Or if you would like to speak to my sister I can give you her phone no.

    Best Wishes.
    Arthur Luscombe.

  2. Richard Wilson Says:

    Dear Arthur,

    Many thanks for your message – unfortunately I only just saw it. It would be very good to be in touch. I take it you’re now in the UK?


  3. Alan Taylor Says:

    Dear Catherine & Richard,

    just a quick line. As you know, since leaving Sheredes in 1995 I have been ‘on the road’ in the UK & now in Germany. I only recently found out about your family’s sad loss a few weeks ago from one of your (other) superb student friends. I didn’t have the delight of teaching Charlotte – she was always ahead of you both, forging her brave path into life. So I just write to applaud you both – and your mum – for being so positive and equally brave about this loss – which puts a good and familiar name into our grim deadlines. I’ve missed you both, and that sense of adventure and spirit which, as we all know, was a gift from your (not so) older sister. Keep the spirit, Alan

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